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Social Networking and Micro Sprints

During some recent “spring cleaning” on my Facebook account, I stumbled upon a personal note from Kaley. It was dated the Fall of 2012. She had written me regarding Wes filling the seat in her Micro Sprint car. As I read over the note I wondered how I had missed the contact. Fast forward to this last Fall, I contacted Kaley and told her if the seat was still available Wes would be interested in giving it a try. I have always thought a lot of Kaley and her racing knowledge, but beyond that, Wes has always respected her for her talent. So for Kaley to ask Wes to sit in “her” seat meant the world to him. After a couple of conversations with Kaley, during the Tulsa Shootout, Wes agreed to the partnership.

I can honestly say I know nothing about Sprint cars. Heck, I wonder at times if I know anything at all about Outlaw Winged Karts. However, with Kaley’s experience and knowledge coupled with Wes’ willingness to learn, I’m hoping 2014 will be a great year of racing for K&K Racing and Team Engle. I know he is excited about this weekend and counting down the minutes to the drop of the green flag at KAM Kartway.

~Greg Engle, 2-6-14