Starman Racing and Kaley Engstrom Racing Team up for Tulsa Shootout

Starman Engineering and Starman Racing is proud to announce the following sponsorships for the 2013/2014 Tulsa Shootout.

The 61K of Starman Racing sponsored by DGS Motorsports, THE OIL MEDICS, Skeens Diesel Service, KAM Motorsports & Kaley Engstrom Racing has been turned over to Kaley Engstrom for the Tulsa Shootout.
The 2009 Factor 1 Racing car is powered by a Sparky Grapes Grape Competition fuel-injected Yamaha fresh off the dyno with one race on it.

Engstroms experience and multiple years of competing at The Tulsa Shootout will bring a wealth of advantage to the game for her. We believe the Starman Racing-owned / K&K Race Services prepared car can provide the edge need to bring home a coveted Golden Driller.
Together with teammates Payton Pierce and Weston Gorham we have great hopes for Kaley in this years Tulsa Shootout.

The 11T of Starman Racing is back together, all systems tested, tightened and verified. Bolt the wheels on, drop it on the scales and make some test runs is all that remains before we hand it over to “The Texas Gentleman” Payton Pierce for the Tulsa Shootout.

Powered by a Sparky Grape’s Grape Competition fuel-injected Yamaha bolted into a 2008 Sawyer Chassis 626, we believe the combination of driver, engine and chassis has the ability to bring another Golden Driller home for Payton Pierce Racing and the first for Starman Racing. We are proud sponsor Payton as he continues his ascension in the ranks of open wheel racing.

The 8M of Starman Racing Has been turned over to Gorham Racing for final preparation prior to the Tulsa Shootout. Weston Gorham will pilot the 2006 Sawyer powered by Seros Racing / Guhl GUTS ignition / Odum carbs in the Wing 600 A class. The car, driver and racing team have a rich tradition of winning and we are proud to sponsor Weston as he climbs to greatness